Monday, May 28, 2012

The Pull List

First, does every comic book store have a "pull list", or do they use some other term? The two I've used (Rubber Chicken in Franklin, MA and now Joker's Child in Fair Lawn, NJ) knew what I was talking about. When I move back to MA, I'm wondering if it will be the same...

Would love to know some other terminology! I'm still surprised that there are some folks who call every carbonated beverage a "coke".

Right, back on topic.

My pull list is currently comprised of:

Amazing Spider-Man: This will be a title I always follow. I eventually plan to go back and pick up every issue of ASM, but for now I'm content and staying current. Now, I don't like the changes that "Brand New Day" brought. It is our version of the 90's "Clone Saga", except it accomplished what the writers wanted: Spider-Man was now a young bachelor with a lot of romantic and professional options.

The "Clone Saga" attempted to do this by replacing Peter Parker with Ben Reilly (Peter's Clone, you'll remember). This would let Peter hang up the webs to become Spider-Dad and Ben could be a new, single Spider-Man with future plans wide open. In my opinion, this failed because they dragged it out and gave fans a chance riot. The storyline became too convoluted, especially with determining who was actually a clone, a fact that shouldn't have been paramount to begin with (seriously, you want readers to believe they've been following a fake for five years?). But that's neither here nor there. And I still love the Scarlet Spider costume.

On topic! Brand New Day was an abrupt change, but it has been an interesting ride. The stories coming out of ASM are continuously getting better, which is the important part. I enjoy the villain changes we've been seeing and my favorite thing to come from the recent issues is Peter Parker being an important part of the Spider-Man role. Peter finally using his head instead of his natural abilities is how it should be, and it being translated into new costumes is effective.

Avenging Spider-Man: Love the art in this book, and the story has been getting more interesting every issue. I don't think we really needed another Spider-Man title, but I'm ok with it so far.

Ultimate Spider-Man: I have every issue of USM to date, and I've really enjoyed it. I much more enjoyed Peter Parker's stint because it was a fresh take on the established mythos, but I'm not hating Miles Morales' story so far. It is all new and interesting, though I feel it is moving a touch slow in the first 10 issues. And, of course, I wish they had gone a different route with how Peter was shuffled out.

Scarlet Spider: I'll be honest, I'm only reading this because of the title. And the sad hope that Ben Reilly will somehow find a way back. If they can bring Kaine back from the dead multiple times, why not? The story has some potential, but I'm not sure it's gotten there just yet (though I am a little behind). Kaine is being built as a dark-side Spider-Man, but they are trimming his claws and having him not kill his enemies. That's fine, we don't need another Venom. I'm just not sure we need another Scarlet Spider that second guesses everything he does. I look forward to seeing how Kaine finds his way and then bashing it on here if I don't approve. Also, as I've said before, his costume is stupid. Stop it, Marvel, too many red and black Spider-Men as it was.

Boy, that's a lot of Spiders... Now for something different!

Venom: Ok, not SO different, but oh well! I'm trying to like Flash as Venom, I really am. I just hate the new design. The character. His love/personal life. His enemies. Oh, and the military use of the symbiote, which was done in one of the old, terrible runs of Eddie Brock as Venom. Note: I love old, terrible runs. And I love Venom in general. This series isn't terrible, I'm just hoping it picks up soon (last issue I read saw Eddie Brock getting a new symbiote, so maybe I'm getting my wish). Can't wait to read the issue(s) in my pull list!

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic - War: I own and have read every issue of Knights of the Old Republic, as well. I think they ended on a note I enjoyed. Now they are bringing Zayne back to play a role in the actual conflict known as the Mandalorian Wars. I don't know how long it will go, but I'm not enjoying it so far. If they were going to start the series again, I want more stories with the characters that made the first 50 issues interesting. Zayne travelling with a new group, none of whom I like, isn't working. Until I see otherwise, I feel this series should stayed finished.

Avengers vs X-Men: Going well so far. I don't follow either group unless there's an interesting event going on, but this has been a good one. Also, these are the first issues I've ever seen using the Marvel AR app, which I'm enjoying. This makes me mildly more interested to read up on the X-men, but only mildly. Avengers I still don't care about, beyond a character here and there.

Batman: GASP! A DC title! It is one of two on my current list (Flash used to be a third, but I really didn't enjoy the first several issues). I'm not really enjoying this run yet. I almost wish I had picked a different Bat title, because this one simply shows Batman at a very low point, getting beat by a bunch of owls. So far, I haven't seen much of any supporting characters. I'll stick with it until the Night of Owls finishes, but if it doesn't improve, I don't think Batman is for me.

Red Hood and the Outlaws: This is a much more interesting book for me, possibly because I have few preconceived notions about the characters (Red Hood, Arsenal, and Starfire). So far I like the writing, the new back stories, the characters, and the enemies. Following this series with interest for now.

I think that's it for the pull list. If you have any suggestions, please let me know in the comments; I swear I'm not just a Marvel fanboy!

Next post will be about the comic characters I enjoy. Or Civilization 5. Because I just need... one... more... turn...

In more personal news, the wife and I just finished unpacking at the new, temporary apartment during the renovation process at the old place. Pro: We have a bathtub (well, two) and a porch. Con: The sink has a garbage disposal and it is one of the most frightening things I have ever seen. Doing dishes will now be put on par with petting slugs in my fear department.

Ok, I'm being dramatic. Petting slugs would be much worse, and I can't believe I even wrote that. Blearg.

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  1. I love that petting slugs is one of your fears. Also I can't imagine every store does a pull list service, but I've never heard them caled anything but a pull list myself.