Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Amazing Spider-Man, Done Right

Just a quick update as we are landing at the in-laws' after catching the midnight "The Amazing Spider-Man".

First, we both loved it! They got a lot I things right and easily blew the originals out of the water.

There were some moments where the movie was rushed, a few plot threads unresolved, and the Peter to Spidey screen time ratio was heavily in the Peter category.

But the updated story was great - the new Peter Parker characteristics were done well, the supporting cast was great (well, except for Aunt May), and the acting was spot on. A much darker, more serious film than its predecessors, it almost entirely did away with the camp. The action/fight scenes were great and I love how they did the Lizard in this film.

Spidey's jokes could use work, but this is a fresh, new Spidey and I'm sure it will grow with the character.

Very, very excited to see what they do with this series!!

STAY AFTER THE CREDITS!! It's only a short wait.

------Spoilers for after credits!-----
They didn't make the man in the end credits very clear. I think they are banking on the mystery for this one, though I'd have preferred a better hint

I assume it is Norman Osborn, though the way the character seems to vanish made me wonder of they were going I get ballsy and do Morlun or even Ezekiel.

The game hints heavily at Morbius, the Living Vampire, but I don't know how that would fit with the ending scene.

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