Saturday, July 28, 2012

Big Changes! Justice, Like Lightning -- No More

I've decided that my current blog setup isn't conducive to anyone but me.

With that in mind, I have changed the name, the URL, and will be hunting for someone to make me a pretty layout/banner.

For now, welcome to The Arbitrary Nerd!

Arbitrary - "Based on random choice or personal whim, rather than any reason or system."

Nerd - "An intelligent but single-minded person obsessed with a nonsocial hobby or pursuit."

Justice, Like Lightning the blog is no more. I'll let The Thunderbolts (or possibly Milo Sweetman, maybe) have it back. You know, if they ever stop being the Dark Avengers...

The URL has been changed as well, please make sure you update any bookmarks!

The blog will continue in the same vein as it has been, just trying to make it more approachable.

Let me know what you think!

EDIT: I HATE this layout and have decided to work on my own. I downloaded Gizmo and expect to have something up by tomorrow. A banner will be the next addition. The newest layout is acceptable. I dub it "The Scarlet Nerd".

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