Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My Comic Catalog

Phew. Just finished taking the pictures of the last of my comics (found a missing box and picked up a bunch of issues from a cheap bin). I've reorganized my long boxes (and devoted one completely to The Amazing Spider-Man).

Now I just have to upload the new pictures to my computer, organize all the pictures into folders based on series/runs, then name the individual images.

Oh, and I have just under 2000 comics, not counting doubles (... or triples...).

I'm not sure if I'll be pleased when the catalog is finished or disappointed at how anticlimactic it will be. Either way, I'll post some screen shots of what the final(ish) product looks like (you know, because pictures of folders are so exciting).

I subtitle this post, "Much Ado About Parentheses".

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