Thursday, July 26, 2012

The "Catalog"

I know I'm a bit behind on my pull list posts, I've been unable to grab my pull list in a while. Maybe next weekend, maybe not.

For now, here are some screen shots of my comic catalog! Yes, it's just a series of folders for now, but I'm ok with it.

The Catalog! I feel like reading...

Venom! But none of that awesomely-terrible '90s junk, I want something new...

This is the folder for the current Venom title being released, different from the other series of the same name due to Flash being joined with the symbiote, hence the folder's title of "(Flash)".

With liberal use of the back button, I can get the the previous sections. No series of folders goes further than three levels (at the moment -- Spider-Man is pretty convoluted, though).

(I may eventually post (bigger) screenshot of all the folders somewhere, but that's for a later date!)

Every issue has been sorted by series and, if needed, sub-series. From there, every issue has been named and numbered. There are some additional changes I need to make with this, but I'm happy with it for now.

The main thing left for me to do is to copy items that fall under different sections, and I'm interested in creating a series of folders that lists where each item is in my boxes (or on my wall). The multiple section items would be items from the TPB section and some of the sets come from overarching series (IE, Secret Wars is a set unto itself, but Maximum Carnage isn't). Crossovers are still give and take as well.

Other than that, it will just be up to me to keep up on taking/uploading pictures.

Question for anyone who reads this: for your issues that are worth more money or are potentially collectors items, how do you store them? Some of mine will be on my wall, but I'm not sure if I should just leave the others in the boxes or move 'em somewhere special.

... AND I just found out about, which looks exactly like what I would have loved a month ago, before I started all this. Maybe I'll look into it, but I don't feel like paying for it at the moment.

Other updates:
Finished the second season of Doctor Who with the wife, so I'll need to post about that soon.
I've been neglecting my "Suggested Reading" series, I think I'm going to make it a weekly item. The next time I post it, that will determine what day you can expect the series.
I started to watch Breaking Bad this week and have already finished season 1 (I didn't realize it until three episodes into the 2nd season). The show is amazing and I think I'll do a season by season review of it.
Speaking of TV shows, there are several series that I've really enjoyed and could use some spotlight on here. Specifically, I'm thinking of other shows I've seen every episode of: Gilmore Girls, Supernatural, Lost, etc...

That's all for now! If you happen to know anyone who might be interested in the BS I'm posting, send 'em over! I'd love to get some discussions going in the comment section on here, and more followers would always be good!

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