Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Hunting Game(s): Upcoming and Now Playing

I know I posted a bit about the Vita yesterday, but that was more of a random update that I found interesting. This week's rendition of "Hunting Game(s)" (which I'm thinking of re-branding. At first it was pun-ny, not I'm not enjoying it) is about upcoming items and what I've been playing.

Titles on my Radar

X-COM: Enemy Unknown

Yes, that is an hour of game play footage. And yes, it is awesome.

Pros: It looks like the perfect game for me. Literally, when I think of a dream game, it is apparently X-COM (which I've never played anything related to before). It is a gorgeous, interesting, story-oriented strategy game with SO. MANY. OPTIONS! I'm really looking forward to this title, which drops October 9th.
Cons: I'm torn between getting it for 360 or PC, and I've NEVER had that issue before...


Shorter video this time, but still awesome.

Pros: This looks like a mix between Bioshock and Assassin's Creed, and I love the idea. It has several different approaches to each mission, interesting abilities, potential for a good story, and is set in a steampunk world. It drops... on October 9th.
Cons: It comes out the same day as X-COM! I've cut back my gaming expenses in light of other things, and only one of these games will make the cut, the other will be something I avidly await a price drop for. I'm tempted to choose this one SIMPLY for the fact that the pre-order bonus is an actual set of Tarot Cards...

Maybe I'll play the lottery this month...

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

I'm not posting a video, check back to last week's post for a good one!

Pros:The release date is November 13th, which means it won't have any other competition (that I can think of) for a November purchase. I'm looking forward to the changes and it will be nice playing a game that I know most of my friends (who all live far away) will purchase as well.
Cons: As a series itself, I only like CoD for the multiplayer, and usually only when I'm playing with friends. I'm concerned that, for all its changes, it will just be more of the same old show we've seen before.

Now Playing

360: CoD: Modern Warare 2. I've been picking this up and playing it to scratch the FPS/multiplayer itch and it's one of the only games I have in common with my brothers (for now). As good as I remembered (knifing especially), though often frustrating due to NoobTubes and Campers.
Spider-Man: Edge of Time. Picked it up on super sale from Amazon awhile back with the intention of selling it. Apparently everyone and there mother bought it at the same time and wouldn't buy my copy. So now I'm replaying it to test out some of the new things release via HeroHQ (costumes and arena) while getting achievements (I played the PS3 version last time).

PS3: Nothing! My brothers (a couple states away) have it for now. Which is unfortunate, because I need to to download Final Fantasy VII to my Vita. CURSES!

PC: Nothing serious, atm. Interested that The Old Republic is going free to play -- I'll feel less guilty about not making much time for it -- I'm waiting for the next big expansion, then I'll try to navigate the new server I got moved to.

3DS: Picked up Devil Survivor 2 again, playing it here and there. Still not as good as the first one, but I was able to get past the level that was irking me. Will eventually finish it.

Vita: Still picking up and playing Mortal Kombat. Not too often, but I'm glad I have it for the next time I get a fighting game urge.

PS2: Speaking of fighting games, I've been thinking of playing through Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World again. Haven't started yet, but it's somewhere on my to-do list.

That's it for now, no clue what next week will bring!

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