Thursday, August 2, 2012

Marvel Now! has got a flagship: Uncanny Avengers

Marvel Now! is about switching up the Marvel Universe. It's not a reboot ala DC's New 52, its a re-imaging and re-branding. This means the teams will be switched up, titles will have some radical changes, and everyone went clothes shopping:

I... am not impressed so far. I don't approve of comic book characters being made to look like their movie counterparts (in this image, see Captain America and Nick Fury [Junior, of course] for examples). The movie-verse should stay the movie-verse and be interesting all its own. I understand the drive for iconic status and money generation, but I still don't approve.

The X-Men on there have gone for one retro outfit and on completely stupid jumpsuit. Spidey looks like he is in red and black. WE DO NOT NEED ANOTHER RED AND BLACK SPIDER-MAN. Ever, in my opinion, but certainly not at this exact moment when we have Scarlet Spider and Ultimate Spider-Man. I'm hoping this is just promotional art and or another temp suit, I'd be bummed if it's the new status quo. And I've seen that design before -- it's the Alex Ross design for the original movies:


But, on to the Uncanny Avengers!
This title is a super team that is composed of a mix of previous Avengers with the addition of some X-Men. A mildly interesting concept, if, you know, the Avengers haven't been accepting everyone lately and already having several X-Men/Mutants on their team (Wolverine and Beast/Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch off the top of my head).

Thor: I'm not a huge fan, but he seems to be an Avengers staple. He could use a swap out, but then I don't know what they'd do with him. Still, I don't hate him, so that's a plus.

Scarlet Witch: An overpowered character if there ever was one. Oh, and prone to going bat-shit insane. Also, not a new addition, though they are plugging this as a redemption arc for her, apparently. Not an addition I care to follow.

Captain America: I'm fine with him in an Avengers team (because I wouldn't read a Cap title), but I still (from 30 seconds ago) hate his costume redesign and find it odd that he's not going to be the leader of the team.

Havok: The only interesting character on this team for me, and he's the leader. At this time I don't know why and don't know what they've done with him recently, but he will be a new player on the current field and that will be interesting.

Rogue: Only ever liked her in Age of Apocalypse. Don't know what she's been doing recently and, since I don't see Gambit anywhere around, I don't much care. Depending on what they do, she could be another great addition, though. Like I've said, I've seen at least one rendition where I've liked the character, which is more than I can say for some on this roster (looking at you, Scarlet Witch).

Wolverine: I love Wolverine. But usually only when he's teaming up with Spidey. As an Avenger... It doesn't seem to suit the character. After doing some reading over at The Weekly Crisis, I think I'm going to check out Uncanny X-Force for my Wolverine fix.

I think I'll keep an eye on Uncanny Avengers but pass on initially. Well -- I'll get the first issue at least. But that's just because I'm getting an unhealthy obsession with first issues...

Sorry the blog has been so comic centered lately -- at least on Monday I'll be switching it up with some literature. And... hmm... I could use a few more scheduled days. Maybe I'll force some Video Games on here as a weekly post. More on that soon!

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