Monday, August 6, 2012

Working on the Nerd-Cave

Finally back in our apartment, and I decided to throw up some comics! I've got a few more frames left, but I need to find some non-Spidey/Venom/Carnage stuff to hang up -- I just love their covers though!

And, before you ask, yes, this WAS pretty much my first time using a hammer and nails and it WAS the first time I've ever hung pictures and YES, they are crooked as hell.

Oh well!

I also need to find a large shelving unit of some kind to hold my seven (at the moment) long boxes of comic books. I don't want them stacked like they are now, it makes getting to the bottom boxes a pain. Maybe a trip to IKEA is in order...


  1. Next time try 3M hooks. They're easy to apply and hold just like nails. Find them at Target or any other fine retailer. 3M, innovative technology for a changing world.

  2. Craigslist has the potential to provide some cheap shelving...

  3. Anon -- I thought about it but had the nails on hand. If I ever find the 3M hooks for relatively cheap, I will definitely pick some up!

    Joe -- I'll check it out, it's just that the their search engine is so limited that it will be a lot of sifting to find something relatively specific! Thanks though!