Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday at the Movies: Upcoming Dates

Hi All,

Just some upcoming dates you should keep in mind in regards to TV/movies:

September 11th: Big Bang Theory Season 5 came on on DVD/Blu Ray.

September 14th: Resident Evil: Retribution comes out in theaters, if you're into this terrible bastardization of a much loved video game.

September 17th: Supernatural Season 7 comes out on DVD.

September 21st: Dredd comes out in theaters. Kind of looking forward to the reviews, if nothing else.

September 25th: The Avengers comes out on DVD/Blu Ray.

September 27th: Big Bang Theory Season 6 airs.

September 28th: Looper comes out in theaters. Will try to convince the wife to see this.

October 10th: Supernatural Season 8 airs.

October 14th: Comic Book Men season 2 airs.

I took a look at the October movie releases, and there isn't a SINGLE movie I want to watch. What a bummer.

I don't expect I'll see anything new next week, so I'm planning on doing a Top Five list of some sort. Not sure what genre I'll be looking at, I guess you'll have to swing by next Friday to find out!

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