Friday, September 21, 2012

The Comic Book Movie I Want to See Made

Howdy folks! I know my Friday posts have been a little lack luster lately, and for that I apologize.

This week, I'm switching it up a little. Instead of reviewing or talking about a TV show or movie, I'm going to talk about a movie that I want to see made:

The Thunderbolts!

Never heard of 'em? Shame on you! Hop on the Wikipedia and learn something! Or, for a VERY brief summary:

The Thunderbolts were, originally, the Masters of Evil masquerading as heroes after the Avengers were apparently killing during the Onslaught Crisis. Afterwards, when some of the characters liked being heroes, it turned into a group focused on redeeming themselves. Then, when that didn't always pan out, they turned into a government funded program of villains being used for jobs other heroes wouldn't want... Yeah, they have a lengthy history, and the mentioned changes all happen within 120 issues...

You may be thinking that we need a Masters of Evil movie first, if that's the case. I disagree!

First, I want a minimal of two movies: "Justice, Like Lightning" and "Faith in Monsters," two wildly different storylines in the Thunderbolts saga (the first starting with issue #1, the second starting with issue #110).

For "Justice, Like Lightning," the characters would need to be introduced in other Marvel films as villains, even if they are just cameos. Example: Screaming Mimi could be introduced in the next Iron Man movie as a B List villain that Tony apprehends quickly, much to the adoring public. If she curses and says something along the lines of, "The Masters of Evil won't stand for this," we get a plug and one of the major Thunderbolts characters.

Baron Zemo could be worked into the next Captain America movie fairly easy -- his father could have been killed in one of Cap's raids on the Hydra bases in the first film, and this film could feature Zemo as part of the team making the Winter Soldier. Zemo could me a major or minor villain, depending on how the movie is sticking to the Winter Soldier story line, and could even be seen with any character that might be hard to work in otherwise (Beetle comes to mind, if there isn't another Daredevil movie).

Then "Justice, Like Lightning" could be able these characters planning to get their revenge by taking the Avengers out of the limelight before eventually revealing themselves as the Masters of Evil and taking over the world. Similar to the comic book arc, some of the villains would realize that, along the way, they enjoy being heroes. Pretty simple stuff, really, and the plot can be taken from the comics fairly easily.

If Marvel ever works its way up to the "Civil War" storyline (which would be difficult without Spider-Man, in my opinion), then the Thunderbolts could get the second movie, "Faith in Monsters," in which a new team of Thunderbolts is put together by the government to hunt down unregistered heroes. Again, a pretty simple concept, and the team could be compromised of some returning characters and some new ones -- they wouldn't even have to stick to the comic book cast on this one, they could pull any villains mentioned or shown in the Marvel movie-verse.

Anyone have any other comic movies they want to see, or want to comment on a Thunderbolts series? Let me know in the comments!

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