Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Hunting Game(s): Three November Titles

No new video game updates with me personally, though November is an interesting month for gamers.

To start, Halo 4 came out yesterday. While it still follows the Halo format (which means I won't enjoy it), there are a couple of traits that seem to set it apart -- a better integration of sprint, random weapon spawns, and all new weapons/vehicles go a long way to make the game interesting for a non-believer again. That being said, I WON'T be picking it up, at least not for awhile.
I'm pretty terrible at Halo...
...I can spray and pray in CoD.

That's because Call of Duty: Black Ops II comes out next Tuesday. Normally I'd try to go to a midnight release, but it's not looking too good (on call for work, work the next day, I'm getting too old for Gamestop CoD lines, etc...). I still might, however, because I'm actually pretty excited for the game. The complete level of class customization the game allows looks REALLY interesting, as does some of the new items and kill streaks. Look for a First Impression next Wednesday (as long as I'm actually able to pick it up by then).

After that, the only game on my radar is Persona 4: Golden, which is on the Vita. I own the original on PS2 but never beat it -- I look forward to changing that with the Vita version. It's a Shin Megami Tensei RPG, with randomized dungeons and really interesting monsters. The story is a murder mystery, of a sort, which you learn about as you progress the story and your social relationships with the characters in the game, simulation style.
Can't wait!

That's really it on the games front for me. The wife DID pick up the pull list, as well as a couple of surprise issues, so expect to see a Pull List Review soon. I've also decided which Marvel NOW! titles I'll be picking up initially, so keep an eye out for that.

Other than that, I might start going off on tangents that don't fit my M-W-F schedule. Keep an eye out for that -- I had something I wanted to write about today and seem to have forgotten, but it will eventually happen.

A short post going into another storm. Hopefully there are no issues and I'll finally be able to complete a Friday post on time!

If anyone plans on picking up Black Ops II for 360, add me. My gamertag is Silt44 and I enjoy getting group games going (preferably with mics, but I don't discriminate).

Balls, it's snowing.

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