Thursday, December 20, 2012

Hunting Game(s): The Old Republic News

Hi All,

I'm just popping in quick to post about some news regarding Star Wars: The Old Republic and then to mention what I'll be writing about next week.

First, Star Wars:

The first ever "expansion" for The Old Republic was announced this week: "Rise of the Hutt Cartel".

It includes a new planet (Makeb), a boosted level cap (to 55), and extended story missions (faction, not character, specific). If you're a subscriber now and pre-order, it costs $10. Otherwise, it's $20.
Here's hoping the next few months see something more interesting.
I'm glad things are still being worked on, but this sounds like the weakest excuse for an expansion I've ever heard of. No new class stories and an uninteresting faction story (opinion, of course. I find Hutts boring). The additional five levels doesn't sound all that exciting either, especially if there's no additions/changes to the classes themselves.

I'll buy it, mostly because $10 isn't too bad and I wouldn't mind leveling up my level 50 character, but I really think the devs need to get their head out of the sand and give players what they actually want, which so far HASN'T been seen.

Well, there's my two cents. I've been playing TOR more and more lately and am still enjoying it, don't get me wrong, it just seems to have failed on ever level an MMO should strive for. It's a great single player MMO, though.

For next week, when I'm not sleeping, I plan on doing this month's Pull List Review! The Wife picked up my Pull List this month as my Xmas gift and I've been very much enjoying some of the new stuff coming out of Marvel NOW! Since there are so many issues, I'll space out the posts through the week. Keep an eye out because the next post will review the last few issues of Minimum Carnage!

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