Friday, December 14, 2012

Now Playing

I know this is a bit off the normal schedule, but it's been a busy week so deal with it.

When I have some free time, I've been playing the following lately:

PC: Star Wars: The Old Republic. I've started playing it a bit more again and still enjoy it, though wish I knew folks who still played -- I don't care for randoms and don't see a benefit of joining a random guild. Even so, my Sith Marauder just got Revan's Chest Plate and Robes, so I'm pretty excited there.

Also, I finally started The Witcher. Seems interesting, I'll keep up on it.

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X-Box 360: I've stayed with Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, though haven't had much time to invest. A double XP weekend started today, so I'll finally prestige. Thinking about trying Tranzit mode, but I've never enjoyed CoD Zombies.

I want to start a new character in Skyrim, but I don't want to pay for the two DLC I've missed. Oh well.

PS3: Nothing! Sorry! Pretty soon I'll be watching Star Wars in Blu Ray, though, so expect some follow up there (I'll be doing a recap of my posts about the different viewing order after the holidays, since I'll be encouraged to watch all the films again in the new format).

3DS: A bit of Pokemon Black 2 here and there, though I've been itching to play Devil Survior: Overclocked again (the New Game+ feature is done right and makes replaying the game that much more enjoyable, not to mention I haven't played every character's ending yet).

Vita: I've finally beaten Persona 4: Golden and have started a NG+. I'll probably play this a bit less now that I'm not sucked into figuring the story out, though I am mildly interested in trying for the Platinum trophy (it would be my first ever game to get all achievements for). I don't see anything else on the Vita horizon for a bit, though it's be perfect if Persona 3: Portable (a PSP title) went on sale this holiday...

iPhone: Yep, I've been playing Angry Birds: Star Wars. I couldn't help it. If you enjoyed Angry Birds and like Star Wars even a little, it's good.

Other: My youngest brother gave me a GameCube he found. I don't have a controller yet (and have made no effort to find one), but I eventually look forward to playing some GC titles (he also gave me one of the Pokemon Colosseum titles, and I've never played one before).

That's it for now. The only game that I know is coming out and has me somewhat interested is Injustice: Gods Among Us (the DC fighter done by the guys who made Mortal Kombat 9), but even that's only a tentative interest.

Anything you guys would like to see reviewed for next week?

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