Thursday, March 21, 2013

Geek & Sundry: I've been missing out!

I'm bad at YouTube. I follow a few channels, but I never seem to find time to watch videos that don't involve short clips of cats being adorable. This morning, thanks to Pinterest, I noticed that Felicia Day tried out parkour. I enjoy Felicia Day and I think parkour/free running is awesome -- what could go wrong? As a video, nothing! It was a lot of fun to watch.

Then I realized there was a ton more content. Yes, this was all realized today. I really don't keep up to date with web videos and I don't even follow too many blogs. I have the same issue with podcasts -- I get recommendations all the time, but when it comes down to it, I find my attention pulled to writing, reading, or playing a video game.

Well, this is my public apology for not being supportive of the channel Geek & Sundry until now. It is a channel that is all about the things I love from some amazing people, including, but in no way limited to, Felicia Day and Wil Wheaton. My unfamiliarity with the rest of the creators will be something I rectify ASAP!

Why am I posting about this? Because I'm going to make an effort to catch up on all the previous content on G&S AND keep current with new things, and I'll be posting a weekly favorites section where I link (and probably rave about) a video I thought was amazing and no one should miss out on (as I have been). This weeks is going to Felicia Day's parkour/free running adventure:

Also, I've been inspired. In college, a group of friends and I used to play RISK almost every night. When I moved to NY a few years ago, that stopped. Whelp, I'm planning on moving back to MA soon. This Summer would be the earliest. I'm hoping I can get my friends together regularly when I'm up there and I'd like to incorporate a Game Night series where I tape my friends and I playing different games (or just RISK, if that's all they're interested in) and work it into a feature on here.

If that sounds a bit dull or stupid... bear with me! This just came to me this morning!

Alright, now I'm going to get back to work...

Note: If I'm missing more wonderful channels on YouTube, let me know! The Nerd is always looking to increase his nerdy level.

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