Friday, June 21, 2013

Upcoming from the Nerd

Just checking in so folks can know what to expect in the coming days/weeks.
Spoiler: this game is incredible.

I've been playing The Last of Us a lot recently. I'm also trying to get into some older PC games, but more on that if they actually stick. Normally, I'd do I blog post talking about The Last of Us, but we just recorded Episode II of The Podcast is a Lie and I talk about in there, so I'll forgo repeating myself. Look for that early next week, I'll make sure to note where I talk about the game.
Four guys who like it when you talk nerdy.

What I'm working on for the next couple of weeks, then, is a series of posts titled "Origin of the Nerd," which I plan to start tomorrow. I'll be talking about how I got into the things I like -- Video Games, Comic Books, and Movies/TV.

Following that, I should have another stack of Pull List issues to review, which should keep me pretty busy.

If there is anything you want to see or you'd like to let me know how the podcast is going, please leave a comment below!

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