Friday, July 26, 2013

Characters in Movies/TV Shows

Annnnnnd we're coming in after midnight again. What else is new?

This is the final post of Character Week, and I'm ending it with some of my favorites from movies and TV.

Last post, I struggled to fill the spots with appropriate characters. This week, I'm struggling to cut my list down to five! Due to the mass amount of characters I love, I'm going to add a focus on variety for this list.

Yada yada yada, only the last spot as any significance, yada yada yada.

Here we go!


Tristan Thorn

I tried, for the most part, to keep characters from film-based movies off this list. The film Stardust, however, is different enough that I don't feel bad including it (that, and this is my blog, so bite me). Also, it's one of the very few movies that I enjoy more than the written story.

Tristan starts out as a boy who thinks he is in love. We follow him on his journey when he grows into a man that knows he is in love. This journey just happens to take him to the mystical land of Stormhold, where all sorts of magical crap happens.

I like Tristan because his transformation from shop boy to swashbuckler was done so well and, despite the universe it is set in, feels plausible. He has his whiny moments and his badass moments and the latter far outweighs the former. He's a character you love to love, and his history, while not the biggest twist, is still fun to see revealed.
Shop boy...

Donnie Darko

(Donnie Darko)
I did say disturbed, right?
Donnie is a disturbed young man. He's on medication (when he feels like it), but it doesn't stop his friend Frank, the giant bunny-thing, from visiting him. Donnie does what Frank says and ends up causing a lot of well-deserved ruckus in his small town. Frank being a product of time travel or a damaged psyche is debatable but, whatever the truth, makes for a very interesting dynamic in Donnie's development.

Donnie feels like that slightly odd friend you know. When we see him interact with other characters, we see a good guy that doesn't always know how to express himself, or at least express himself appropriately.

He decides to try and unravel the mystery Frank presents him with while making or building on connections with friends, and it is a rare movie that has a hazy plot even at the end but, due to the character, is still worthwhile.

This is one of my favorite movies, and I've watched it many times. I never get tired of the character of Donnie.

Rory Gilmore

(Gilmore Girls)
Rory was a character I pretty much wanted to be growing up. She was smart, polite, and driven. She was also female, but that's not part of it.

Rory is on this list because I connected with her having an unusual family dynamic and being in a generally different head space than the rest of her family, yet still maintaining strong relationships. She also interacts
with a host of different characters that were all interesting and dynamic, and all of which made Rory more interesting and more dynamic by being around.
Best mother/daughter relationship ever?

Also, Rory is a reader. I don't read quite as much as I used to, but that was a big connection I made to the character when watching the show as a younger person. This is now one of the few shows I own physical copies of every season, and it is completely worth it.

Nicholas D. Wolfwood

I've spoken about Trigun before, so I won't go too long into this.

I love Wolfwood because he is a walking, talking, contradiction. He's a good guy on a bad guy's mission, he's an immoral priest, he seems to hate everyone yet runs an orphanage, he loves Milly but stays aloof, and respects Vash yet disagrees with him most of all.

Physically, Wolfwood fills the "badass" role for me. Dark glasses, a preacher's suit, and a giant cross that is really an armory/weapon, finished off with a crushed up, lit cigarette.

I'm half tempted to make Trigun my first mange read, simply because it deals with the character so much differently than the anime. That being said, the only flaw with the anime is that it takes so long for Wolfwood to be introduced.

Agent Dale Cooper

(Twin peaks)
Like Trigun, I've spoken about Twin Peaks before.

Agent Cooper is, in a word, eccentric. In three words, he's really friggin' eccentric. He mixes intuition, mysticism, and a youthful optimism that really should be fitting on an FBI agent, but it works. When his dreams say something, even garbled nonsense, he listens. And then tells Diane via recorder.

The first season of Twin Peaks introduced us to Agent Cooper and his unusual ways, and it is a masterpiece. The second season becomes mired in a convoluted series of plot twists and shunts that really killed the series. That being said, even the second season is worth watching, if only so you can spend more time with Agent Dale Cooper and the sleepy town of Twin Peaks.


As a member of many fandoms, including Supernatural, Sherlock, Doctor Who and more, NOT including any characters from those shows feels wrong. In all of those series, however, there are too many awesome characters to settle on just one. I think I'll work on a fandom series soon enough, so stay tuned for that.

Other than that, who are some of your favorite characters in movies and television? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Grah! I still need to finish season 2 of Twin Peaks.

    But hmm, favorite characters...

    Let's start earlier. Gambit and Storm were always my favorite X-Men from the show when I was little. I credit my love of Storm and Jubilee as a foundation of why I've always been super attached to strong female heroes. And I would ALWAYS want to play as Storm in the arcade game!

    I've always had a thing for people that go insane or over the top for justice randomly - so Hit Girl from Kick Ass is the perfect example to me of that. The hyper violence against wrong doers just always makes me giggle with sociopathic glee! Beatrix Kiddo from Kill Bill would go right square in this category, too.

    And of course girl Jedi are some of my favorite. Shaak Ti, Vima Da Boda, Luminara and Barriss, Aayla Secura, Bultar Swan - love love love love. But my favorite prequel era character will always be Plo Koon (followed closely by Mace Windu.) As for the original trilogy, it's a tough decision between Wedge Antilles and Admiral Ackbar (with Mon Mothma a close third.)

    Which brings up the point that I have ALWAYS loved secondary and tertiary characters WAY more than main characters in just about everything, whether it be movies or Nintendo games. For others it's Mario where for me it's Geno.

    1. Before your last bit, I was going to say you're a big fan of the supporting cast. I tried to focus on the bigger names in the series for this week, only because I kind of hope people will get into these series. Next time, I've got a feeling I could give you a run for your money on tertiary character love (ie, Lying Cat is one of my favorite characters in Saga right now... and it's a damn cat.)

      I loved Gambit from the show, but am never able to express why. Beatrix Kiddo (the Bride) is also a great character on several levels, and I have a really hard time deciding my favorite scene with her (probably in the first movie, when she talks to the daughter of the assassin she just killed...).

      Star Wars OT: Han Solo. Love the rogue, even if he's a popular character.
      Star Wars NT: Obi-Wan. His back story was the most interesting in relation to where he winds up.

      To be honest, my normal character of choice is the villain-gone-good. Wolfwood hits this a bit, Vegeta would be a better example, Magneto in the comics, and Revan if I want to hit video games and Star Wars in one go.

      I really need to find more female roles I like -- my last two character posts was severely lacking in this regard...