Monday, September 30, 2013

Nerdy Stuff From This Week

I haven't caught up on the pull list, though I'm excited for the reappearance of Spider-Man 2099 in Superior Spider-Man. For now, this is what I've been keeping myself occupied with. I'll do some full reviews if I feel it's needed later on.



Just started playing Grand Theft Auto V. I'm not a huge fan of the series, but so far this game has been, as everyone has said, pretty awesome. Dialogue is interesting, multiple characters with interesting stories, and the ability to switch between characters. The controls still feel like GTA, and, as in real life, I suck at driving, but it's a good hold over until Pokemon X/Y releases in a week.
So far so good, but still more excited for Pokemon...


On my own, I'm watching, for the first time, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and (after reaching Buffy season 3) Angel. I've always found Buffy a bit too campy, but after sticking with for awhile, I've found myself really enjoying the characters, story, and overall series. I had assumed Angel would have been my preference, but I'm loving Buffy much more. I AM using a watching order list so the stories tie in perfectly, but I do find myself wanting to follow Buffy more than Angel in the long run. I'm almost done with Buffy season 5 and Angel season 2, so we'll see how far that goes on. Then I have the comic "seasons" to look forward to.
Gets better by the season, awesome by the 4th.

With the Wife, we've been watching Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Not always nerdy, it IS always hilarious. Don't know how I fall so far behind on awesome TV. Oh well.


I've finished the third collected set (Trade Paperback for those in the know) of Fables, and it keeps getting better. Another series I'm catching up to slowly.

I'm slowly reading Ronin, which you can expect a review of when I've finished.


I've finished Earth Unaware, one of the most recent novels from Orson Scott Card dealing with the first Formic War. It... wasn't that good, actually. It takes forever for the characters to actually connect and, in general, seems all over the place without ever setting a basis for the reader to really invest in. Towards the end it picked up somewhat (though never shrugs off the previous issues), though it is a really sloppy beginning novel.
want less

Additionally, I'm re-reading the Amber Chronicles, which I always suggest. When I finish, I will finally go and find the prequel series written by another author. I remember reading on some time ago, but I'd like to give 'em another shot.


Yeah, that's what I'm doing when I have time. Which isn't often the case. On the horizon, I'm going to attempt to get a board game crew going, but my schedule is still pretty hectic (and changing every day).

OH! I also made my desktop look like a terminal from Fallout, which is pretty damn awesome. If you're not using Rainmeter for silly desktop nonsense, you're missing out!

Expect a first response review of Pokemon X/Y (I'm going with Y) next week, dunno if I'll do anything before then.


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