Sunday, January 26, 2014

Day 24ish: International TableTop Day is coming!

April 5th! Can't wait!
Since I'm coming in VERY late with posts, here's a quick reminder to folks that second annual (though I think it needs to hit three to actually be considered annual) International TableTop Day is April 5th.

Check out the website for more info (the fact that a site for this
exists makes me all tingly inside):

When the big day comes around, I plan on either playing Eldritch Horror or possibly picking up a new title just for the day. If anyone has any suggestions, I'm happy to take them.

Games on my current want/research further list:
I love Star Wars. I love Risk. I LOVE this.
A Touch of Evil (Looks interesting)
Axis and Allies (Classic, but never played it...)
Risk: 2210AD (Heard many good things, but went with Godstorm instead when I had the chance)
Risk: Star Wars (Original trilogy and it looks pretty damn good)
Catacombs (An active component to a board game? The Wife might actually beat me!)
Descent (This seems like a game I'd really enjoy, not sure about how many I'd need to sit with)
There are plenty more... Every time I see a board game display, I'm always seeing something new that looks extremely interesting.

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