Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Day 28: United States of Nerd

I had this idea about posting a nerdy location/travel destination/monument/icon in every state across America. I recognize that this will probably be fairly time consuming, both for states I know overly well (and want to choose just one) and states I know almost nothing about.

Since I'm lacking any other inspiration today, I figured I'd start that list. It'll grow in fits and spurts, but I will keep updating it until I've succeeded, and I'll make a note every time I make an update. When it is all said and done, I'll make it snazzy and start trying to make it visible (will need some help from Pinterest and Tumblr, no doubt).

For now, here are some humble beginnings. Please note, these are in no specific order... yet.

United States of Nerd

  • Rhode Island
    • Providence: Visit many of the different locals featured in short stories by H. P. Lovecraft. "The Case of Charles Dexter Ward" was set in Providence and the horror writer himself lived in Providence for most of his life.
  • New York
    • New York City: The New York Comic Con is a major event and probably the best known Nerd Mecca on the East Coast. It is in New York City, which also happens to be Spider-Man's home, every year and is constantly changing/growing. I've spoken about the different cons before on the ill-fated podcast, The Podcast is a Lie.
  • California
    • San Diego: The San Diego Comic Con is the largest convention of its kind in the world and the most well-known Nerd Mecca in America. Nothing comes close to its scale and you'll find many fandoms brought together to celebrate many things Nerdy. I've spoken about the different cons before on the ill-fated podcast, The Podcast is a Lie.
  • Massachusetts
    • Reading: The Nerd's favorite comic book store in his home state, Comically Speaking, is located in Reading, MA. It is a large story with a lot of comics and collectibles, and has the biggest selection of "cheap" comic bins I have ever seen. A bit personal... If something else comes up, I'll possibly switch this one up from the final list. Maybe.

More to come! I still have 46 states to write about their highlights, and I'm taking suggestions!

As I said before, I'll make notes on later posts when I update this list, so be sure to keep an eye out for 'em.

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