Friday, January 31, 2014

Day 31: Ask the Nerd

It's here! The final day of "The Month of The Nerd!"


Blue trench coat not included.
I mean... Well, it was nice to keep adding content, especially since I know I've been slacking from the move. Going forward, you can expect steady updates, though closer to once a week than once a day! I plan on using the extra non-blogging time that I'll be left with to focus on my novel. Ideally, I'll have the second draft finished this month if I can keep at it as I did this month of posts.

Maybe then I can even look into trying to find an agent/publisher/schmuck. We'll see.

For now, to cop out of actually working, I wanted to open the blog and the Nerd to questions from any readers. I dunno if I managed to pick up any new ones this month, but new or old, feel free to ask away!

I won't say that there's no such thing as a stupid question, but as long as you're comfortable with a stupid answer, you may ask absolutely anything.

Alright, catch you next week when my brain has had time to recover.


  1. Hello Dusty,
    I have some questions! Oh, me, me! *raises hand furiously*
    1. Do you have all the New Jedi Order Novels? I might need to borrow some from people instead of just buying them as money is tight.
    2. Are you getting Bravely Default this Friday/ Have you played the side story demo?
    3. How is life? Are you happy?

    1. 1. No! After they got rid of one of my favorite characters (which I try to not spoil or remember by writing it out), I actually skipped most of that series and read highlights (in which they killed off MORE favorite characters). That is a line of books I won't own unless I find them in a group as a super sale, sorry!
      2. I think I'm going to pick up Banner Saga for the PC instead, but I'll download the side-story demo, I didn't realize it wasn't just a potion of the base game. Your thoughts so far?
      3. Life is lifey, but I'm pretty happy regardless.