Saturday, January 4, 2014

Day 4: Current Events

For the actual events going on right now, I'm actual in bed and typing this up on my phone. I want to stick with the "Month of The Nerd," so I'll post this tonight and then add the appropriate links/images and such when I wake up.

For the actual news I wanted to discuss, I'm already unhappy (if unsurprised) with Disney and their decisions with Star Wars.

For those who don't already know, Disney will be taking the Star Wars comic license from Dark Horse and giving it to Marvel. 

If you've ever read my blog, my love for Marvel should be readily apparent. My issues arises from the fact that Dark Horse has been the driving force behind Star Wars' Extended Universe via comics for over two decades. Marvel may have introduced Star Wars to comics, but it was Dark Horse that has crafted the best stories and introduced the most interesting characters.

I don't know for sure what this will mean for current titles, but I assume they will all be cancelled and anything Marvel releases will be focusing on the upcoming movies -- I believe there was talk that these movies won't be following established EU canon, meaning that these comics will (more than likely) be a completely new universe from the rest of the comic series, and this means the recent rich titles will be left in the dust. The biggest impact for me would be the canceling of Legacy -- again! And no chance for more Zayne with Knights of the Old Republic. And more.

I'm not saying that Marvel's comics will be bad, they just won't be the same. And that's not nostalgia. They won't be the same characters or stories or potentially even in the same universe, and they won't have the past years and years building the intricate EU that has changed the face of Star Wars so many times today.

Bah humbug.

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