Monday, March 10, 2014

Titanfall Drops at Midnight

If I haven't been writing much or seem distracted, it's because I've been waiting for Titanfall.

If I fall asleep at work tomorrow, it's because I decided playing at launch was more important than sleep.

I've pre-ordered and pre-loaded and will be playing on PC (Origin ID is Silt44, add me!).

There are a lot of components of this game that interest me, including giant mechs, insane maneuverability, an interesting array of pilot abilities, and hopefully more I'm completely unaware of.

One component that I initially thought I wouldn't like was the inclusion of Burn Cards, one-off ability modifiers that you use before re-spawning and last for the rest of that life. Initially, I imagined they'd be like special pokeballs in Pokemon; I'd horde but not use them for fear of wasting them. Fortunately, I watched some gameplay highlighting amped weapon cards AND the Titanfall website just posted an explanation of Burn Cards that has me feeling more excited for the addition. I'm sure I'll complain by being crushed by overpowered weapons, but the other, ability-based cards seem like they'll be a lot of fun and add a decent amount of strategy to a fast-paced title.
Can't wait to see what else they've got up their sleeves.

I'll be posting a first impression tomorrow morning (assuming I've made it to work and not fallen asleep on the train, destined to ride forever. I almost wish I had a way of recording videos, I'm feeling pretty confidant about my chances in this game.

I'll also be using a PS4 controller initially, only because I've never played a PC FPS at launch... We'll see how long that lasts.

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