Monday, May 14, 2012

A Dustin Update

I should probably explain a couple of my techniques I plan to use in the blog.

When writing about characters that have a varient (or more than one), I will put the specific version I'm talking about in parantheses before the character's name.

This was seen last post when I spoke about (Ultimate) Spider-Man and (616) Spider-Man. Or when I spoke about (Ben Reilly) Scarlet Spider vs (Kaine) Scarlet Spider.

If the paranthetical text doesn't mean anything to you, a quick google/wiki search should catch you up to speed. I won't expect readers to be experts at anything I'm talking about (especially since I plan on covering a wide variet of topics), but I also will avoid hand-holding more than I have to.

I explained last post how I'll do things I consider potential spoilers. I'll separare them like:
this. This is where the spoilers live. I don't know if Blogger supports a spoiler tag, and I don't much care to find out.

When I started this blog, I was an undergraduate student. I'm now employed full time and am taking classes to get my MA in Writing. Also, I managed to get married somewhere in between there, not too sure how.

As I'm inspired by new methods/techniques to use here or plan on broaching brand new subjects, I'll try to do a "Dustin Update" each time. That way, a new reader can find all my methods with one easy to use label.

I think I had something else I wanted to write here but I've already forgotten, which is going to be a reoccuring theme with me, if you hadn't already noticed.

Oh, I suppose, since I plan on including video games into my blog, I'll end posts with a "Now Playing" list whenever that happens to change. That way, even if I'm not talking about the games, I can still show interest in talking about them. This will also get its own label.

Now Playing (in order of time devoted):
PS3: Starhawk
PC: Star Wars: The Old Republic/Disciples 2
360: The Force Unleashed (again)/Enslaved, Oddysey to the West
3DS: Chrono Trigger (Every now and then)
Vita: Tactics Ogre (PSP Title, slowed down now that I'm at the end)
PS2: Persona 4/Nocturne (I plan on eventually getting back to these)
X-box Original: Nothing atm, most recently Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 1+2

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