Monday, May 14, 2012

Should Probably Follow Up... (Mostly about Spidey Costumes)

I mentioned some things I'd be working on in my last post, and figure it's a good time to make good on (some of) them!

The list:

New design for the blog (It's hideous!)-- ... Well, starting on a low point, I won't be doing this right now!

Marvel AR App Post -- Less of a full posts, more of a comment:
I'm about halfway through Avengers vs X-Men and decided to check out the Augmented Reality app it mentions. On every page/panel with the "AR" symbol, there is something extra that can be unlocked using the AR app and your phone's camera.

Sometimes it's just sketches of the panel -- this doesn't interest me in the slightest. Some of the more interesting ones, however, involve writer/artist commentary and character profiles. I would LOVE to see more character profiles given in AR form -- it is an interesting way to get character info across, especially if they aren't well known. This would also be an interesting way to get new readers familiar with older characters. I think an entire AR assisted book detailed certain groups would be an interesting way to go with this.

It's a gimmick, sure. The little red "AR" log is annoying, absolutely. But it has piqued my interest and I hope to see it more -- Augmented Reality has been getting more interesting with ever iteration. My Playstation Vita and Nintendo 3DS both have some really interesting AR capabilities that I would love to see brought over to another medium I enjoy.

Spider-Man Costume (among other things) Post -- Yeah, another comment vs full blown post.
If you are reading this blog continuosly, I will try to mention when I say something that could be a spoiler to new readers. I don't gaurantee that this will always happen, and I won't try to hide them beyond mentioning that a spoiler is upcoming.

Like now. A potential spoiler for Ultimate Spider-Man is coming, skip between the lines if you're concerned!
(Utlimate) Peter Parker is dead. Yup, they killed him. I don't approve of this decision, but Marvel has always had a hell of a time trying to bring in new blood into a Spider-Man series. Remember the Clone Saga? That was an attempt to let (616) Spidey hang up the webs and start a family, all the while introducing Ben Reilly (his clone) as the new, single, blonde Spidey! If you don't know how that ended, well... let's just say Peter is still Spidey and probably always will be.

Ok, spoilers over, sort of. If you don't know that there is a new (Ultimate) Spider-Man running around, that's on you. His name is Miles Morales and he brings a little ethnic flavor to our normally pasty-pale caucasion Spidey. I don't hate the change, I just wish they'd gone about the transition differently. That being said, my biggest gripe was the new costume design. I didn't enjoy the black and read and though it was far too bland. I'm more of a (Ben Reilly) Scarlet Spider/New Spider-Man costume kinda guy -- new twists but easily recognizable.

I'm about 9 issues in and have to admit, however, that the new look has grown on me. Different artists are able to give the limited red on black a little more variation, a little more life, and I'm liking it. It's still no (Ben Reilly) Scarlet Spider, but it will suffice for now.

To continue the Spidey Costume trend, I HATE the New Scarlet Spider's costume. First, it's another red and black variant! Cut it out! Second, it reminds me too much of Flipside (a Spider-Man 2099 villain)!


Now, I like me some Spidey 2099 as much as (and probably more than) the next guy, but I'd like 2099 stuff to stay where it belongs. And this isn't tarnishing the name of my favorite Spider, Scarlet Spider! And I won't begin to mention how bitter I already am at KAINE being the new Scarlet... that's just too much to bear. I'll accept Red and Black for Miles, but not for Kaine. Here's hoping he gets a new costume together pronto (I'm pretty sure he even took one from Peter at the end of Spider-Island that would have been acceptable).

Last on the costume issue, which turned out to be more of a post than I expected, is everyone's favorite (616) Peter Parker! The new writing has Peter's brains being applied to his Super Hero antics in the form of new equipment, especially new costumes. This is a great way to bring back the intellectual Peter to the athletic Spidey. I wasn't terribly pleased when Spidey donned Iron Man's variant, but I much more approve of all of Spidey's new stuff. Sure, some of it looks dumb, but at least there's no attempt to permanatly change the character, he just now has an armory appropriate for every cause. The Ends of the Earth run going on now (I don't think it ended, though maybe I'm behind again) has an Anti-Sinister Six armor that looks kinda silly, but I love that Spidey is preparing for the evnetual show downs he nows he'll have.

That's all on costumes! We've got the (now) good, the (very) bad, and the (sometimes, yet still acceptable) ugly.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Post -- You guessed it, I'm going to get to this bad larry another time!

And more! -- Eclectic posts will follow!

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