Thursday, May 24, 2012

Now Playing, Opinions Included

Here's my now playing list as it stands:

Ghost Recon Future Soldier: I've never really been a fan of third person shooters, but with the advent of Starhawk and, now, Ghost Recon, I'm finding them to actually be enjoyable. I've only just started, but the mutliplayer can be tense and exciting (with a good team) or frustration (with no team communication). The game modes are lacking in my opinion, but I think I just want to see something different from shooters these days. The short time I spent in the campaign has me interested, which almost NEVER happens.

Deadly Premonition: Picked this up when I heard it was similar to Twin Peaks. Only played for an hour or so, but I can see this will be a game I enjoy. I think I might shelve it until I've finished Twin Peaks, though. The stories aren't related, I just don't want to over-saturate myself in the genre, that always burns me out.

Mortal Kombat: Played this for a couple days and was pleasantly surprised. I don't care for the online, but the story mode is easily the best story mode I've ever seen in a fighting game. DBZ games should take notes!

inFamous 1 (then 2): This is my favorite PS3 series. I actually haven't started playing them again yet, but I will. I got rid of Starhawk -- I enjoyed it, just don't enjoy PSN community and prefer single player games on PS3. inFamous 1 is my preference out of these 2, but I enjoy both of them and look forward to finally completing evil characters. Also, I wonder if 2 has gotten any interesting user created content...

Lent it to my brother who came to NY to help us move to our temporary apartment while ours is renovated. Was playing Chrono Trigger, but feel I need to focus more on that game than I am willing to at the moment.

Final Fantasy Tactics: Started again. God, I love this game. Strategy RPGs are my favorite genre, hands down, and this one holds a special place in my heart.

I also am considering picking up Mortal Kombat if I find it cheap. I enjoyed it enough on 360 and would like to finally own a Vita game...

Star Wars: The Old Republic: Haven't been playing much. I enjoy it but, after guild drama, became guild leader. This caused undue stress when I wasn't looking for it. Mainly, it's an issue because we are on an unpopulated server with no room for growth, and playing with new/interesting people really fuels this game. There simply isn't enough varied content to keep me coming back without a decent crowd. For now this is on the back burner, though I will continue to play here and there.

Disciples 2: Enjoying this, but it is difficult and I find my time is spread a touch too thin to devote myself to it.

Board Game
Risk: I love Risk. I need to find people to play with around be, but don't have friends here in NY. In my senior year of college, I played almost every night with my MA friends. I also won every night but one, though that was due to Brandon back stabbing me and breaking our treaty. I'll never forget, Brandon! Main reason I want to play now is because I've picked up a Risk: Legacy board and it is an amazing concept but benefits most from a repeat group of players. The board is actively customized after each playthrough and that excited me more than I can say.

Next update will probably be comic oriented -- planning on picking up my Pull List this weekend. These updates tend to be far and few between due to my Comic Book store being in Jersey (shout out to Joker's Child), which is a bit far (have to go over the Tap and pay the toll...) to visit often/regularly. That being said, next comic post will focus on:

What's on my pull list and why.
What collections I have/am working on.
Why my favorite characters are my favorites.

Until then!

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