Thursday, May 31, 2012

Star Wars and More Star Wars

Just finished the fifth and final issue of the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic - War storyline.

I... wasn't impressed. First, the art was bad. Really bad. And I simply can't approve of a comicbook with bad art. I'd take pictures and post them, but they'd just make me sad. Second, the story was mediocre at best and the ending felt like someone tried to use one of those silly bread twisty-ties to wrap it all up.

The good? Well, spoilers, I guess.

________________THIS IS WHERE SPOILERS LIVE__________________________

First, it brings back Zayne Carrick, a character I enjoy. Sure, I don't think it was done well, but that's fine for now. Second, it has Mandalorian Jedi. Yep, that's always a plus. Third (and final), it leaves an outlet to bring Zayne back in a further series, potentially done better. He's now got an official post in the Republic Navy. Sure, this goes against the theme of the first 50 issues and is a major step away from the "Knights of the Old Republic" theme, but, done well, I could see it being interesting. More light shed on the actual battles of the Mandalorian war would be great, and I'd love to see Revan in his Sith prime. Maybe someday.

________________THIS IS WHERE SPOILERS END__________________________

Also, LucasArts is supposed to be announcing a new game tonight (and by tonight, I mean tomorrow morning EST US, probably between 1 and 2am). If I'm awake, I'll post on it.

My hopes are, of course, pinned on a Battlefront sequel for current gen consoles.

I would accept, however, The Force Unleashed 3 (they should at least attempt to wrap up the story), KotOR 3 (the MMO doesn't cut it, and a new game would possibly tie in well with new content for the MMO/renew interest in the story), or a Rogue Squadron game.

I've heard rumors linking it to a Boba Fett reference made about an obscure number getting licensed. I really enjoy Boba Fett. Depending on how they make it, it could be a refreshingly new Star Wars game.

One can hope.

If it involves Lego, dancing, or motion controls of any kind, however, I will flip my shit.

"There is something terribly sad about an empty bookshelf."

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