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I'm finally doing a playthrough with all the DLC for New Vegas. I've played all the DLC already, but this is a complete playthrough of the game and DLC worked into the story. I've made my character based on a "Cowboy" style and made story choices to match this. Being dynamic instead of trying to get the best endings/achievements has been really liberating. The DLC has made the game too easy, however; even playing on Hard/Hardcore mode, the extra content oversimplifies things. Perks, special healing items, weapons, and excess amounts of gold make it difficult to be difficult.

DLC Opinions (In order played with this character):

Honest Hearts: A decent add-on, though the main quest line is much too short. It is interesting for character lore and isn't too difficult at any point.

Old World Blues: This is my favorite DLC, made even more interesting by running a techno-phobe cowboy through it. It is perfect, campy, sci-fi humor. Main quest line is still fairly short, but there are a lot of additional questions/locations to explore directly on the way. Enemies are fairly difficult, pop up often, and several legendary enemies are introduced (I was personally one-shot-ed by the Legendary Bloatfly...). This DLC unbalances the game a lot though -- you'll never run out of credits/things to sell and you are given the perfect base (The Sink).

Dead Money: This is my least favorite DLC, though I still enjoy it. It plays like a survival horror game during a casino heist movie. It's difficult, but the characters are interesting and it has a lot of story elements that relate to Old World Blues. Overpowered weapons are introduced here (though not as bad as Old World Blues, I think), as well as a source of wealth that, if utilized, ruins the in-game economy (such as it is).

Lonesome Road: The penultimate DLC that falls a little flat, in my opinion. It is a decent extension of the game, decently difficult, but the story is a bit of a let down, being the culmination of events tied through the main game and all the preceding DLCs. Still, I enjoyed it, and I don't think there were too many game-breaking additions. I haven't done it with this character yet -- if something interesting pops up that I forgot, I'll edit this.

Courier's Stash: This is just several starting loudout sets, but makes any early game scavenging MUCH less important. That being said, I appreciate it more for that! It makes subsequent playthroughs a little easier at the start.

Gun Runners' Arsenal: Another mini add-on focusing on weapons. I don't think it was all that needed, but there are several interesting additions (katana being my favorite). It also adds a new series of challenges which are interesting (if excessively hard) that helps prolong the game some more. Good stuff.

Alright, that was longer than I thought and NOT what I wanted to focus on.


YES! It finally came out! After some issue with the release date (silly Nintendo and their Mondays!), I have to say that I am really enjoying it. It is on the simple side for a SRPG, but it does well in combining the genre with Pokemon.

To wrap up this post, because these are the only two games I've been playing lately, I'll give a short list of Pros and Cons for Conquest.

Pros: Intuitive battle system, easily accessible, a lot of different options, mild kingdom management, amazing art, deep-enough gameplay with the focus on Pokemon strengths/weaknesses, decent selection of Pokemon and warlords, heavy coverage over at

Cons: Not for the hardcore SRPG player, yet there can be a lot going on for someone unfamiliar with the genre, obscure rules regarding Pokemon/warlord capturing/evolution, basic plot, episode format (post game), doesn't include complete Pokemon roster (not an issue for me, but certainly for others).

I'm loving the game. As I play more, I'll make any pertinent updates here.

Coming up next time: Pull List post! Almost done reading my current batch.

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