Monday, June 18, 2012

Dustin Update

Haven't been able to post much in a bit, so here's a few updates you probably weren't waiting for:

Get a Doctor: This series of posts will be extended from the initial concept. Instead of doing a post per Doctor, I will do a post per season. I am in the process of re-watching the series and started season 2 last night. Once I finish (or find a spot I think is appropriate), I'll update with a review and what makes the season worth watching. This will be the wife's first time watching them all, so I'll see if I can't get her to chime in as well.

Beginner's Guide - Comics: I've been taking my time with this post, expect to see it soon(ish). I've been focusing on the digital cataloging of my own collection, and it has been slow going. I only have a few pictures left to take and then I can begin re-naming images/organizing the images into a makeshift (or official, who knows) database.

I did pick up supplies for physical storage/ordering this weekend, so that's a plus!

Pull List: I think I will make a "Pull List" series of post that I update everytime I pick up my selection of comics from The Joker's Child. It will be a mini-review of each issue I picked up, including random back issues I tend to grab. Expect to see one of these posts soon, I was also able to grab my list this weekend.

Now Playing: Several changes to this list, I'll need to work on a new post soon.

The Blog: I've gotten some suggestions on keeping my posts a bit shorter an including more images. In this vein, I'll be ending this post shortly and will try to keep these suggestions in mind for all future endeavors!!

And, on a personal note, I've been married for one year today. It's been a good one :)

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