Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Suggested Reading: "X-Men and Spider-Man"

I just got through re-reading the 4 issue set of "X-Men and Spider-Man", and I have to say, if you're a fan of either, you should really find yourself a copy. You can find it as a TPB (above) or singles -- I prefer the singles (as always!)

Each issue features a team-up between Spidey and the X-Men throughout their careers. Issue one features the original X-Men teaming up with a young Spidey against Kraven and the Blob. Issue two has black-suit era Spidey, three has Ben Reilly Spidey, and issue four has an closer to current Spidey teaming up with relative teams of the X-men (reflecting some of their roster changes over the years). Each story has a driving force that connects them all and culminated in the last issues.

My only complaint is that the final fight ends very anti-climatically, almost as if they wanted to take some of the elements they created in the series further.

Otherwise, it is a good team-up story, VERY well drawn, and includes my favorite super-hero pairing of all time:

(This image doesn't come from "X-Men and Spider-Man", I just enjoy it!)

Guest stars that appear in the issues: Carnage, Mr. Sinister, The Marauders, Kraven, the Blob, three different Spidey costumes and four different X-Men teams.

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