Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Question for the Readers: Pull List Reviews

Hi all,

I have a question for you folks. Currently, I do a Pull List Review whenever I pick up my Pull Lists. Then I proceed to write short descriptions of each issue, include the cover (or especially interesting panel) image, and assign it a relatively arbitrary rating, which a succinct list of reasons why.

This sometimes takes me awhile to get them all out (I do have to actually READ the issues, you know). I was wondering if this format has been working for folks or if an alternative setup would work better.

Example: instead of doing an issue description of each issue from my Pull List, I could choose major issues/moments and then the most interesting (or recent, if that makes more sense -- series like Amazing Spider-Man that come out multiple times a month tend to pike up) issues from the selection. This month, I really enjoyed reading All-New X-Men, but I didn't particularly care for Deadpool. I could write a short one line or so about Deadpool and then go through the normal process of posting the cover and a more detailed description of my personal favorite All-New X-Men issue.

This would make the posts shorter, quicker to come out, and potentially more on point. However, if someone was really interested about Deadpool (which I WILL be posting about soon, don't you fear), they might miss out there, other than to see I didn't have a high opinion of it.

Input? Thoughts on this or the rating scale or anything else on the Pull List Reviews/blog in general? I'm looking for your feedback!!

Thanks for taking the time to read The Arbitrary Nerd, it means a lot to the amateur blogger!

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