Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Nerd's Bucket List

I know, I know, I should be working on my Pull List Review. I'll have another post up by the end of the week. For now, however, I feel like talking about me!

I discovered my birthday present a bit early (aka as the Wife showed me but told me I can't have it until February), and it was an item that I have always wanted. I jokingly said that it was something I could scratch off the ol' Nerd Bucket List. The Wife, doing what wives do, asked what else was on the list. And I said...

Nothing. I was stumped. Normally, I find the idea of Bucket Lists kind of silly (what are you supposed to do when you complete it, commit seppuku?), but a list of nerdy things I wanted to do in my life but hadn't done yet appealed to me.

And so I will (attempt) to start a Nerd Bucket List in this post. I'll add items in the future as they come to me (using the tag Bucket List so they can be quickly compared), but this will serve as the base:



-Own Darth Revan 30th Anniversary Fan's Choice Figure 
First item on, first item off. I'm a HUGE fan of Darth Revan (from the Knights of the Old Republic video game, as well as The Old Republic MMO), and the Wife got me this figure, as well as Darth Malak (again, Knights of the Old Republic) and some other misc figures. She knows me so well!
WOOOOOT! One down!

-Go to a Star Wars Celebration
I've always wanted to attend one of these, but they always fell during important dates at school/work (working in Higher Education, specifically Residence Life and Housing, means we end up training every year around the Celebration). Hopefully next year the dates will align better! Also... hopefully Disney being on board doesn't change anything too much! Speaking of Disney (and Star Wars)...

-Go to a Star Wars Weekend at Disney World
This kind of goes hand in hand with the above, but the Wife and I love Disney World and I think it would be perfect to go on one of their Star Wars days. We haven't done it yet because A) it isn't exactly cheap and B) I really dislike crowds, and nothing draws a crowd at Disney like Star Wars days (or so the internet tells me).
I guess Disney doesn't like us as much as we like it...

-Get Published in a Fandom 
One of the blog writers I follow, Amy Ratcliffe from Geek With Curves, just got published in Star Wars Insider #138. I wouldn't mind being published in a magazine of a fandom I relate to, but even more I'd love to get a fiction story published -- say a Star Wars novel or the like. First, I'll need to finish and get something of my own published, but I'm hoping my MFA Thesis course next semester will get me pretty close to that goal. Then I'll work towards this step.

-(UPDATE!)Play Star Wars Battlefront 3
This is kind of a risky one, simply because there's no confirmation the Battlefront 3 will ever come out (no matter how much I pester Lucas Arts Games on Twitter). That being said, I loved the originals and think, with today's technology and game comparisons, a third installment will be amazing and a matter of time. Update: Battlefront 3 was announced! Yes! This is totally going to happen!!!

And now that it's on my Bucket List, I guess Lucas Arts needs to get on this, or won't they feel silly?

-Go to San Diego Comic Con
I love Boston Comic Con (I've been several times) and enjoyed NYCC (I went once), but San Diego seems so far away that I never really imagined I'd make it. Then, to my surprise, the Wife said she was sad we missed it -- she had seen some new and events at the convention and was actively interested (NOTE: the Wife is NOT a nerd, despite all my attempts to turn her to the Nerd Side). So this is making it on the list with hopes for a future SDCC!

If you're asking why I wouldn't go by myself... Well, I REALLY don't like crowds, but I feel marginally better with a friendly face.

Nathan Fillion!
-Get Retweeted by Nathan Fillion
I love that guy.

-See Star Wars Episodes 7-9
I mean, I know they're coming out now and I know I'll see them... so let's get something I can definitely mark off this thing.

-Watch Every Episode of Star Wars with my Children
I don't have any children yet but, one day, they WILL watch Star Wars.

-Own Every Issue of Amazing Spider-Man
This got infinitely easier now that the series ended.

You know, unless it starts back up. Again. Which I expect (hope) it will.

-(NEW!)Play a boardgame with Wil Wheaton
I see no reason why this would EVER come to pass, but I enjoy everything Wil Wheaton has done recently and I especially love his YouTube show on the Geek and Sundry Channel, TableTop.

That will have to do for now. As I said before, I will continue to add to this as time goes on, so if any suggestions that you feel fit here, let me know in the comment section below!

I'm actually looking forward to crossing these off. I rescind my previous opinion on Bucket Lists.

P.S. I wonder if almost knocking author Nick Flynn over at a reading should go on here... It WOULD be nice to have another item crossed off my list...

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