Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Comic Tour to the Capitol

Hi All,

Just wanted to post that you can find the Twitter recap of our trip to Washington, DC here: #comicsandcapitol.

Stay tuned for some PLRs soon and possibly some news on another social media front. I'm playing around with the idea of incorporating a Tumblr into this mess...

Highlights from the trip:
Day 1 Haul
I picked up a bunch of Ultimate X-Men, including at least 30 consecutive issues that I can start reading now, which will bring me up to issue 69 (I have some later issues, but refuse to read series out of order).

I was able to find a good amount of Exiles comics for cheap, including the first 10 or so issues, meaning I can start reading the series.


I found some sets I didn't know I wanted, completed a few sets I've been hunting for for awhile, and found a few random series that look worth following up on.

Biggest finds for me were probably the random issues of Y the Last Man, Wasteland, and Preacher. They are all somewhat difficult to find series that, up until this trip, I'd not had a single issue of. And I managed to find all these in $1 or 50 cent bins.

Speaking of bins, the best comic shop from the trip would have to be Main Street Comics in Milltown, NJ. It was relatively small, but 90% of their back issues were in ORGANIZED $1 bins. Normally, cheap bins are disorganized messes that you dig through for hours and HOPE to find an issue or two you're looking for. I was able to pick up a ton of good stuff here and will hopefully find time to swing by again before moving back to MA.

Honorary mention to Captain Blue Bird Comics and Stormwatch Comics, the last two stops on our trips that I also really enjoyed and sported a good selection of cheap bins.

Oh, also, DC was a lot of fun. It was cold and windy, which made it like an adventure (at one point it even seemed like a Post Apocalyptic adventure). My favorite part would have to be the Dinosaur Exhibit in the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. Not only do I love dinosaurs, the Wife does too!
Rare sighting of the elusive Nerd...

Ok, that's all for now.

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