Friday, August 16, 2013

Watching the Detectives: Beware the Batman Ep5 "Broken"

"I am the eggman... goo goo g'joob!"

Lyco the Bat Hound is skipping over episode 4 due to falling so behind, and having Silver Monkey as the guest villain says it all really. Last week’s Humpty Dumpty got rid of the bad taste from the Anarky episode. If Humpty ever surfaces in a live action production Warner Bros. definitely needs to grab Bruce Willis to bring the character’s proper balding pathos to the silver screen. Until then, contend yourselves with Seinfeld’s Newman as the Dumpler!

Humpty Dumpty is playing Risk! I’ve never read a comic with him in it, but I always thought he was the Joker’s flunky in The Dark Knight Returns. You know, the guy who builds those creepy talking bomb dolls and gets decapitated by a roller coaster. Humpty made his debut in Arkam Asylum: Living Hell in 2003. I dig Ryan Sook’s art so I might have to check that out sometime.

Having his victims encased in toy soldier statues reminds me of the late Season 2 villain Windom Earle placing a victim in a chess pawn statue in Twin Peaks.

Toy soldiers or toy weapons of any sort usually implies the Superman baddie, the Toyman, but all the king’s horses… yada yada.

First appearance of the Batarang?

Tatsu is sweet, but horrible at playing coy looking for her “keys”

“Ice Pick Joe”. That should be a hit song.

Gordon calling for Rodriguez? Don’t! She’ll leak the info to the mob and sell out Harvey Dent… if this was The Dark Knight.

Tobias Whale in the comics is an African American albino and first appeared alongside Black Lightning in 1977. Apparently in this episode he only has Caucasian goons for Batman to fight.

What ever happened to equal employment in the Underworld?

A little excessive violence in punching out the last goon standing and cowering in surrender. Nerve pinch?

You can make this episode a drinking game. Take a shot every time you see a bald man. I think I’m on 5 now.

Marion Grange’s name is dropped. She was a former Gotham DA who was elected mayor after Armand Krol.

Cool film noir music during Gordon’s flashback.

Tara Strong, the voice of Barbara Gordon, first played Batgirl in the last season of The Animated Series. A woman of many voices, you can hear most of them during her Fat Man on Batman interview with Kevin Smith.

Humpty has the courtesy to not shoot Babs in the gut ala Killing Joke. Another plug for Kevin Smith. Check out his latest chat with Bat guru Grant Morrison’s interpretation of the end of that comic.

Batman, “Computer, last known address of Humpty Dumpty.” “A wall.”

“Mother missing in Star City” Home of Green Arrow, and I don’t care what they call it on TV’s Arrow.

Humpty’s Grandmother’s abandoned house looks a lot like the one in Psycho, a film that has a heavy influence on Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth.

"A boy's best friend is his mother." Yeah, tell that to Batman and get hospitalized!

Humpty Dumpty is a causality of war. I never notice that obvious nuance in the nursery rhyme. Now that is proper characterization. Maybe not all is lost for Anarky.

“You been the most fun I’ve had in years!” That is good insight into Batman’s rogues. At the end of the day, if they didn’t have Batman to direct their attention at, they’d find some other person to torment.

Tune in next time for Metamorpho, the Element Man! “I am not an animal! I am in Technicolor!”

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