Sunday, August 4, 2013

Who's Who? The 12th Doctor!

Just announced! The Twelfth Doctor will be Peter Capaldi! He'll be taking over for Matt Smith after this year's Xmas special.

I'm personally very excited. I enjoyed Matt Smith but am ready for a new face/attitude, and I'm hopeful considering Capaldi's history (he was a W.H.O. doctor in World War Z, should have seen this coming). I'm not familiar with him beyond what IMDB tells me, but I AM happy they picked a bit of an older Doctor. Really, it will be his first time on screen that determines if this is a good decision or not. He's definitely different than anyone we've seen since the re-start, so let's see if our generation can accept someone who

Now the wait for the 50th Anniversary Special begins, when they bring back my favorite Doctor, David Tennant!
isn't young-ish. He's got some big, goofy shoes to fill after Matt Smith.

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