Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Day 14: Now Reading

A personal favorite I suggest for all Fiction fans.
Been awhile since I updated on what I was actually reading:

The Anubis Gates

I've almost finished re-reading this book by Tim Powers. It involves time travel, an interesting view of magic, and all the antics that come from combining the two. Brendan Doyle is from the present (well, the 1980s) and winds up in 1810 due to a completely logical foray into the past by a wealthy and intellectual man. From there, nothing goes quite right and the story is an interesting view on alternate history, destiny, and keeping readers on their toes. Even when you think you've got a handle on it, it adds a new twist and turn.

I'll be drawing on this book a lot for inspiration with my Steampunk-Detective novel that I'd like to work on after I finish my current project. That, the Cthulhu mythos, and the movie Chinatown. For starters.

Forgotten Realms: The Legend of Drizzt Part II: Exile

I like fantasy. I like older fantasy, and D&D stories, and the like. I've never really gotten into Forgotten Realms, though. I finished the first Drizzt book awhile back and found the second one at a used book shop, so have been paging through it. To be completely honest, it holds almost no interest to me other than the later (MUCH LATER) stories seem as if they're so interesting, I just can't imagine skipping so far ahead.

It'd be like reading current Dragonlance without ever reading about the War of the Lance! Blasphemy!

Fables: Sons of Empire

Solid entry, though not especially plot heavy.
I've just finished the 9th TPB of Fables. Without fail, the series is still going strong at this point, and this had a nice juxtaposition of what's going on in the Homelands with the Adversary and his gang as well as some of the less severe adventures of the Fables on Earth. This issue is notable for finally bringing Bigby together with his pops, though it is by no means climactic.

The Pull List

Yeah, so, folks may have noticed I haven't followed up on this lately. The reason is that my Pull List was reduced dramatically after moving back to MA, and I find reading 2-3 single issues a week fairly frustrating. I'm keeping current on my favorites, namely Saga, but otherwise am waiting until I have a few issues lined up to sustain a lengthier reading cycle. For now, Pull List Reviews will be put on hold and I'll do some "state of affairs" posts for the series that I'm enjoying down the line. Until then, however, I'm always happy to take suggestions -- as long as you know I won't jump in the middle of a series, I've got to start at the beginning.

I'm also trying to hunt down some Cthulhu related comics but have been unsuccessful at this time.

... That's about it. I am adding liberal amounts of Lovecraft since I've been in the mood lately, but I'm eyeing some other Mythos related authors more so. Just gotta find 'em.

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