Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Day 15: Video Games on the Horizon

I'm in a bit of a lull with video games at the moment (playing Battlefield 4, DBZ: Attack of the Saiyans, and X-COM: Enemy Within only intermittenly). The future, however, has several titles that I am very much looking forward to. In an unusual move, I'm going do this in order, starting with what I'm most looking forward to:

inFamous: Second Son

PS4 - 3/21

This series was the reason I picked up a PS3 and I'm very excited for a new protagonist, a new setting, and a new range of powers. From the few videos I've seen, this looks very promising and will make me very happy (finally) to have picked up the PS4 when I did.

Want all the things!
It's an open-world superhero game, set a bit in the future of a world I've already come to love. And I'm excited to be picking up the Collector's Edition so I can add Delsin's beanie to Cole's backpack that I got from the inFamous 2 Collector's Edition. Also looking forward to the prequel DLC that shows what's happened since Cole's run.

The Wolf Among Us: Chapter 2

PC/360/PS3 - First Week of February

While I don't care for the obscure release date, I suppose it doesn't matter since I can simply download it and play as soon as it is finally out. I enjoyed the first chapter, have gotten much farther in the Fables comic series, and look forward to looking with new eyes at all the coming character interactions. THEN I look forward to doing a new run through both episodes, back to back. Which is something I'll repeat every time another episode is released...

I'm sorry, a story-driven, tactical game with VIKINGS? Take my money!

Banner Saga

PC - 1/14

Ok, this one already came out, but I just heard about it. I need to do some more research before I take the plunge on it, but it seems perfect -- a Norse setting with grid-based combat and a story telling method that seems as if it might be similar to soThe Wolf Among Us (speculation, I haven't done more than watch a teaser video, but either way the art was gorgeous.). After a bit more research (and probably waiting for an eventual sale), I think this game will hit a lot of my favorite genres. If most of them somewhat well, it's a shoe in for one of my favorite games of all time...

We'll see.


XOne/360/PC - 3/11

While I don't have an XOne and am unlikely to pick this up on PC, I am incredibly interested in this shooter. FPS action AND giant mechs? Infantry vs Infantry vs Piloted Robots? Yesyesyes. Only reason I want an XOne at all, to tell the truth.

I'll be watching this one with more than a little interest when it eventually launches.

Final Fantasy X/X2 HD Remaster

Vita/PS3 - 3/18

One word: Blitzball. I've missed it and wished they'd done more with it (a perfect spin-off, if you ask me), but I'll settle for replaying it on my Vita.

Always room for more Blitzball.

Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition

PS4/XOne - 1/28

I didn't pay much attention to the previous release of the game, but after stumbling on a few videos, I think I may have made a mistake in ignoring this title (and all my friends who raved about it). I'm glad their releasing it on the PS4 now as well -- I've been a bit unhappy lately by all the games I've forgone playing until I re-purchase a PS3/360, which isn't something I plan on doing any time soon. At least this title won't be on THAT list.

Namely, I've always associated Tomb Raider games with adventure games. Several of the videos I've seen of THIS one, however, make it seem as if it has a much more action-oriented bend, and it seems to have been done very well.

Maybe more co-operative than I care for, but it could work.

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z

PS3/360/Vita - 1/28

First, this game looks like a Tenkaichi game with multiple fighters on screen at the same time. A DBZ battle royale, if you will, that should have happened
ages ago. I doubt I'll actually enjoy the game play of this title, but the concept is something I'd love to see worked on more. Also, I sincerely doubt I'll be able to fully enjoy this title on my Vita (fighting games and handhelds are NOT my preference), so it might be something I follow more than pick up, but I like the idea and could be convinced to change my mind. Maybe.

...And, eventually, the new DICE Star Wars: Battlefront that was teased at E3. No real chance to see it this year, but it's out there...


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