Sunday, January 26, 2014

Day 26: A Bachelor's Party Among Nerds

So part of the reason I've been tardy with The Month of The Nerd (beyond the normal laziness) was a friend's Bachelor Party. Since I've been phoning it in already, I figured I'd just give a quick rundown of what that looks like for us:

Route One Cinema Pub!
9:00AM: Rented out a cinema/pub for the group and hooked up video games to the projector. We played video games on the big screen and eventually ordered lunch. Playing games on such a huge screen was awesome. Unfortunately, we only had the place for a few hours, so weren't able to get through too many titles. Even so, I suggest it to anyone who has a smaller cinema around them that might be willing to rent their stuff out. Bigger theaters get MUCH more expensive, but independents can be much more liberal.

12:00PM: Drove from MA to Foxwoods in CT. Driving hi-jinks ensued that should probably remain unsaid. Took two cars convoy style.

1:30PM: Arrived at Foxwoods. Gambled (Black Jack, Texas Hold 'Em, Roulette). Ate at buffet. Gambled a bit more. Left on a positive note.

6:00PM: Left for home. I, unfortunately, work too much and called it a night, as did a couple others. The remaining crowd met back at the bachelor's house to play an updated, translated version of a recent Phantasy Star Online (I have no idea which one, I've never been interested in the excess grinding the titles require). This is probably where the copious amounts of alcohol were finally consumed as well.

And pretty much everyone there was happy with a successful party/day.

I wish all things could be so nerdy.

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