Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Day 7: Following Up with Star Wars

I'm not normally a newsy type, but this article was sent to me in an effort (I believe) to placate me: http://www.ign.com/articles/2014/01/07/lucasfilm-story-group-to-ensure-star-wars-continuity-across-all-platforms.

Worst. Backseat driver. Ever.
This article explains that, all future Star Wars material will follow the strictest canon, meaning that everything that happens in the movies is on the same exact level of Star Wars lore as what happens in the comic books or novels. It's unlikely Jedi will be plucking any Star Destroyers from the sky anymore...

Previously, there were levels of canon, generally splitting things by how close Lucas had a hand in them. For the most part, I discarded this separation and viewed everything equally, excusing subjective story telling and some continuity blemishes as narrator error, breaking everything down to the least common denominator.

This new "pure" Star Wars line, aside from quite possibly getting rid of everything currently published (as canon, of course the works still exist), sounds as if it will be a lot more restrictive. Sure, it will be nice to have stories that don't completely skew the balance of power or make Jedi demi-gods, but the crazier things that happened in comics and novels is half of the appeal.

Still, I don't hate the concept. This just means that, not only will the lore need to be picked over carefully, the writers need to be chosen much more selectively. Current novels have a range of authors (lately changing every book even in a continuous series), and some have clearly been superior to others. Maybe the new dogma will reduce fluctuations in quality. Hopefully that bar, at least, is set high.
No matter what they say, Revan will always be canon to me...


  1. I'm never on the computer at home to actually type out full replies to things on facebook, so sadly I haven't been able to comment on this issue just yet. I just, ugh, it's all so upsetting. My first exposure to Star Wars ever was Dark Empire comics before I had even seen the movies. The comics and books (and EU) ARE Star Wars to me. They've always been the most important part of the saga for me. And all the writers and artists that have been making that magic may not be involved anymore because it's a different company? Bullshit.

    1. Strangely enough, my first introductions to comics (but not Star Wars in general) was also Dark Empire (possibly Dark Empire II, but I'm counting it).

      And I can't agree more. I wonder what the thought process behind this was, because it's not even the most efficient money making scheme -- fans would LOVE to have our favorite tales repackaged or made into a movie/film/tv series, but the only chance of that now is if something is included in the universe-wipe-retcon, at which point it will be altered by things changed.

      I suppose I respect a clean slate approach, but it doesn't feel as if this move considered the fans at all as much as it does coddle lazy writers. Also, this points out the flaws of a giant company buying up all the name brands it can -- they quickly lose sight of loyal, long term fans. And not always in favor for the new crowd -- sometimes it feels as if it is simply an oversight.