Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Day 8: Some Definitions

I meant to open day one with this post but, after having forgotten that it had already become January, I obviously forgot something as silly as a blog post and wrote about something random.

Whelp, we're into the second week and I've had a truly lousy day, so I'm phoning it in and going to drop some definitions on you: four, to be exact.


1. Determined by chance, whim, or impulse, and not by necessity, reason, or principle.
2. Based on or subject to individual judgment or preference.
3. Not limited by law; despotic
(Thank you,!)


1. A dull, ineffectual, or unattractive person.
2. A person dedicated to a nonsocial pursuit.
(Wait, what the crap, I'm going to another source.)

"(...)Being a nerd meant that I liked things that were a little weird. That took a lot of effort to appreciate and understand.
(...)I think a lot of us have realized that being a nerd … it’s not about what you love. It’s about how you love it."
(Much better. Thank you, Wil Wheaton!)

The Nerd

1. This is me, at least on my blog. You'll always notice that I capitalize "the" when stating the title. Otherwise the improper grammar would cause me to twinge (assuming I ever proof read...).
2. See (1). Heh.

The Arbitrary Nerd

1. My blog, where I "...Inflict my opinions on the world." And by world, I mostly mean Bryan and The Wife.
2. I don't normally care for news, nerdy or otherwise. I have a very black and white view of things I like, yet am accepting of (most) everything. Sometimes there's a point I want to get across, but most of the time this is just a place for me to write about things that interest me. Open an open-ended dialogue that doesn't need to be read or acknowledged -- I've gotten it out of my system, and that's what counts.

And that's my blog in a nutshell.
Well, you know what I mean.

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  1. You can always inflict your opinion on me ;) I'll still try to remember to read them.