Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Titanfall: Revisted

So, I hadn't played Titanfall since inFamous: Second Son came out. I haven't played inFamous since I beat it. I've had a very limited about of time to focus on games, and I've also lacked the motivation.

Hearing mention of the pending June update to Titanfall, which will add a "Marked for Death" mode that sounds interesting to me, I decided to load it up again.

I'm still displeased with the lack of options and unlocks, and didn't bother with the underwhelming DLC, but I did want to say that I have never played a smoother shooter. In comparison, I tried Call of Duty: Ghosts again and was immediately displeased with the actual gameplay. You're slower, your mobility is less, etc... Of course it is, Titanfall is future/sci-fi. But CoD also has poor hit detection, flimsy health (no chance to react), latency (knifing, anyone?), and annoying maps/players who abuse them.
Freedom of movement you take for granted after awhile.

Titanfall really did manage to pull away from all of those issues. Your mobility is tied to how smooth the game runs. Even other games that have tried more open mobility (Brink) felt a clunky in comparison. And I may not like the general lack of weapons, but at least I know how they all work. Having 13 SMGs in a CoD title is great, but I'm only going to use two anyway...

To compare to Battlefield 4, I appreciate that everyone is more-or-less able to play the game. Using all the features in Battlefield requires experience and skill when it comes to, say, flying a jet or helicopter. I still can't make jets useful. I'd love to see Titanfall work in their ships/shuttles into battle in the future.

I guess I was (and still am) left wanting more because what's there is very well done. And seeing some of the minor concessions coming in the update (Titan decals, new burn cards), shows that they are at least willing to acknowledge that the game is missing some obvious content. There's no much I imagine they can do to improve that now, but maybe Titanfall 2 will completely blow me out of the water. For now, I'll just look forward to the new game modes...

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