Tuesday, June 3, 2014

What is dead my never die...

Not sure why, exactly, I went with a Game of Thrones title on this one, but I like it. Feels very Lovecraftian, and I do love my Elder Gods. Which is a bit of an odd statement for an atheist, but I'm sticking to it!

I've been a bit slow with the normal updates. I've been to the movies a lot this past month (which has been a rarity), but that'll stop now -- the next one on my list is Guardians of the Galaxy, I believe, and that's if The Oncoming Storm doesn't prevent me -- both a Doctor Who reference and what I'm calling my daughter before she arrives (due date is 7/28!).

For comics, I've been reading a bit here and there:
Love this cover, going on my wall!
Amazing Spider-Man - It's back. I'm not loving it, though I'm glad Peter's back with it. I probably won't enjoy it until they get through with Peter having to deal with all the things Otto did in his name. I've always disliked those kind of stories. In this instance, I feel they've changed Black Cat's character for the worse, and, in the end, it feels like wasted time. Let's do something new! Ah well. The Spider-Event coming up sounds good. And I'll cross my fingers for yet-another-chance at a Ben Reilly revival...

Saga - Started up again. Current issue is a time jump ahead, and Hazel is a toddler instead of an infant. The last page makes me very, very sad and I'm really, really hoping it's a trick. But Saga has been happy to go Game of Thrones style on my heart lately, so I'm not holding out too much hope...

The Wake - I've only read the first two issues, but I'm really loving the split current and post-apocalyptic future settings, and both sides of the story are very interesting (even if the future isn't very fleshed out by issue 2). Some more Lovecraftian themes here.

Thunderbolts - I managed to finally complete my collection of every "Thunderbolts" issue, and I've been busy reading that. I still need the "Dark Avengers" issues, when the title actually changed, and then the Marvel NOW! stuff, but I'm not too excited by that due to the deplorable art.

For gaming, I've really not done too much on the video game front. I'm playing through Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition and am really enjoying it. I've never beaten the original, but I seem to be in the mood lately... I'm really looking forward to FINALLY finishing and then importing a character into the second game, which is universally considered superior, yet I've never played -- as always, I HATE starting things anywhere but at the beginning. Thanks George Lucas for really screwing that one up, huh?

It's a bit dated, but I'm still loving it. D&D 2nd edition, too...
Possibly because I've been playing a lot of D&D (Dungeons and Dragons, for the odd folks who read this blog but don't know what D&D is...) lately. I started one campaign as DM (Dungeon Master. Seriously, just good these things, you're a terrible nerd) playing with 3.5 Edition rules, and am planning on starting another one using either Pathfinder or 4th Edition rules. I'm also considering doing that one remotely and trying to record it as a podcast, though we'll see how that goes. For now, I'm happy creating stories for the campaigns and am itching to play more so the Players can experience all the awesome events I'm planning and they're going to ruin in some way...
Now accepting donations of all unwanted D&D materials! Please?

But yeah. That's what I'm up to now, and I've not been particularly motivated to do an entire write up about any of it. I'm considering posting something from our next D&D session this weekend, but we'll see how that goes.

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