Friday, July 11, 2014

Must See Fall TV

Gotham's one honest cop, Robin Hood, Flash Fact, WWJConstantine smoke?

JC smokes silk cuts. NBCensorshit.

It’s a unique utopia we live in, when two pilots for new series can be viewed online months prior to their debut later this year. Of course what I’m writing about is DC Entertainment’s The Flash & Constantine. I’m not going to bother reviewing either as of now, but I want to comment on what I think is a step in the right direction for live action DC. While some fans fret over the fact that DC is running far behind  Marvel in developing a shared cinematic universe, it’s important to remember a clear difference in the development and strengths of both companies.

The Marvel universe in the comics and other media that most know today was essential created by three wise men (I’m sure Stan the Man would love for anyone of three male leads from Three Kings to portray himself in a biopic) by the names of Lee, Ditko, and the one and only King Kirby (Clooney=Kirby the leader, Markie Mark=Ditko cuz the torture scene equates to his Ayn Rand love, Lee=Ice Cube, the voice of a generation).

On the other hand, DC is a conglomeration of various separate editorial departments and bankrupt companies that got acquired throughout the years, which is why almost every member of the Justice League occupies a different fictional city. No one reads The Killing Joke thinking Superman or Flash will show up halfway and stop the Joker from putting a bullet into Batgirl’s spine. Gotham City, a place with giant typewriters and gargoyles on every building can easily exist in it’s own pocket universe compared to Green Lantern in Beach Boys’ Coast City or Space Sector 2814. It’s like changing the channel from a film noir detective mystery to Kirk and Spock on the Enterprise.

 During the Vertigo heyday, John Constantine in Hellblazer couldn’t be further removed from the Wally West as the Flash, and that didn’t hurt Garth Ennis or Mark Waid from telling some of the best stories for those characters as well as their own well established careers. Good stories. It’s all I want. I couldn’t care less if Arrow doesn’t show up in a Zack Snyder Justice League flick. Just do the characters and their histories justice.

Now for a brief pit stop over in ...

City of a cowardly superstitious lot. Criminals beware that guy from The O.C.
It doesn't take much for me to be interested in something Bat related. Gotham looks like the writers on the show will be getting to play in a pretty big sandbox when it comes to the hometown history of Bruce Wayne. I'm really excited to see characters like the Penguin getting a new makeover. The portly, short waiter with a foot long nose was old hat for years. Since Batman won't be in the spot light, I'm ready for Jim Gordon and Alfred Pennyworth to get their due. I've been waiting for an Alfred: Before a Butler spy comic for years, and I think we're going to get a Mr. Pennyworth who'll be a proper femur breaker and setter.

If you don't find anything worth spending 45 minutes tuning in each week from any of the mentioned shows, then I suggest getting a head examination. I think this recently deceased young lady could help you.

As long as she doesn't sparkle, like, you know, vampires do now

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  1. Constantine in particular has me interested. I imagine they'll want to stick it more along the New52 line than Hellblazer, but I've got hope for it.