Tuesday, May 26, 2015

What I want in the Bat Wardrobe for Batman: Arkham Knight

Sell More Toys!

The Batman Iron Man look just doesn't do it for me. I understand the developers wanted Batman to match the Batmobile, but that's an awful marriage idea. If I was Alfred I wouldn't have advised Bruce to apply chrome shine to the work clothes. It's very Robocop and maybe that's coming full circle since there's a helluva a lot The Dark Knight Returns in the greatest film of 1987! I wish the cape wasn't so far away from the neck. I wish for once outside of comics and traditional animation and Adam West the cape could fully encircle Batman and be attached to the cowl. Gripes aside, I'm greatly anticipating racing through the streets of Gotham in the Bat Tank in Arkham Knight. But that suit...  give me a nomex survival suit any day over the Shining.

Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth

Love the Bat Shoulder Cape Curls

It could be difficult trying to recreate Dave McKean's rigid, yet atmospheric look of Batman as a playable skin, but since the Arkham gaming series owes quite the debt to Grant Morrison and Mckean's seminal work it wold be worth the effort. Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth is getting included into one of the limited releases for the upcoming game so perhaps that hints at this possibility. Mckean's Batman is all shoulders, empty eye sockets, curled back lips, exposed gums and headstone teeth, with gloves so translucent the reader can see Batman's fingernails. That last detail would be very hard to notice in an action game, but one can only hope.

Kelley Jones Bat Ears

Yes, it's everything's excessive 90s, baby! Mile long ears, droopy nose, and a cape that could cover a swimming pool should be cataloged under the excessive label, but Bruce Wayne's a guy who keeps a T-Rex robot and a giant Penny coin on display for decades in the Batcave. Let's pardon the man for his taste of clothes in the 90s. 

Batman 666

Around when the internet stopped hating on like Damien Wayne

Move over Sin City and Angel. This is how you do Batman in a trench coat!

Batman of Zur en Arrh

This is Batman's brain/back up personality on Crazy

Not every Bat-suit needs to be dark and dreary. This skin needs to include an always hovering Bat-Mite imp from the 5th Dimension or a crazy figment of Batman's imagination after being doused with Weapons Grade Crystal Meth and Heroin! Is that dark enough for you? Seriously, if they can put this suit in Batman Lego 3 there's no reason why it shouldn't be playable in rated M for (nose in the air" Mature Batman: Arkham Knight.

Zero Year Mad Max Cosplay Batman

Batman says, "I'm tired of Green Arrow ripping me off!"

I wish I had that action figure when I was a boy.

Arkham Origins

Despite some obvious flaws in  Arkham Origins dealing with repetition, a grey sandbox world in a Gotham ghost town, and holding back skins until you beat the game, and there were so pluses made in boss fights, storytelling, and Batman's design. Anytime I get squinty Clint Eastwood eyes on Batman I'm going to be mighty pleased. Although I like the rabbit ears on Kelley Jones art, I don't care for long ears on the Bat cowl of Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, and the same goes for the Bat scallops on the gauntlets.

Second Helpings
 It's been announced that the Adam West, 1st Appearence, Batman Beyond,  and Dark Knight Returns skins will be playable once again, and having to beat the game first will not be required before the skins can be utilized for game-play. Rejoice! I can slug through hordes of Gotham henchmen on the Easy Setting (I'm not good at button mashing combos) because it should be a piece of cake for Batman to deal with twenty guys at once. 

So, Rocksteady, please include , Batman Incorporated, Azrael Batman, and Zebra Batman.


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