Friday, April 10, 2009

As Far as Heroes Go...

I've finished issue 1 and it's good. Of course this is the issue where the Thunderbolts are actually revealed to be villains donning new disquises.

The concept is really interesting, and I'm waiting to see how it will go. I know the very basics, but I look forward to finding out the different motives for the hero facade. With Zemo, it has to be assumed something diabolical is being planned for the future. Is everyone else on it, or are some trying to redeem themselves in the public eye and really become heroes to the people?

And, off of that, what makes a hero? I wonder if they count as becoming heroes as they prevent theft, battle villains, and even repair damage done to the Statue of Liberty. Sure, they've got some shady pasts, but does that permanatly bar them from becoming the good guys? At least their actions have been heroic so far, but it must be assumed they have some motive... And yet everyone has a motive for everything they do, even the "selfless" acts of heroism have some inner drive causing the actions to surface when needed.

The first issue was more about revelations. Unfortunately, I don't have any revelations to supplement this fact. Went to my first Comic Con (Boston) last weekend and it was much better than I could ever had expected. Not only were there a lot of different vendors presents, but the sales astounded me. I grabbed the Warren Ellis run for Thunderbolts for cheap, and got other issues relating to my favorite superhero; Spider-Man. I may not agree with the changes they brought about at the end of Back in Black and certainly not the resulting One More Day, but at this point in Amazing, I can appreciate the interesting and engaging stories and newer arcs. So far I'm not dissapointed.

I also played some catch up and grabbed a few Trade Paper Backs from the Civil War event. I look forward to the next time a Comic Con comes close to me, and next time I'll be much more prepared!

-Dustin the Determined

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