Thursday, April 16, 2009

Falling Behind

So I'm a little behind already. It's coming to the end of the semester and I'm becoming swamped with term papers, stories, and other work I'm hard pressed to do. Either way, I'm reading on and shall add here when I can.

Issues two and three have now fallen under my eyes. In them we find the T-Bolts in action.

#2: Our heroes (?) fight robots created by the Mad Thinker. They are attempting to protect Franklin Richards from abduction. Zemo thinks the Mad Thinker's plan of draining young Franklin's subconscious memory to find experiments Mr. Fantastic worked on is a good idea. This shows his darkness still prevails, even as he foils his once ally's plan. He will sacrifice everything for his own plans, and that includes personal desires and past relationships.

The rest of the T-Bolts are fighting to stay on the good side, as they often come across instances where they can skim a little off the top. Zemo has to keep them in line, suppressing his urges as he stops his team's misconduct. The entire group has to become heroes for the plan to work. The question is this: once Zemo turns them into good guys, can he ever get them back?

#3: The T-bolts take on the new Masters of Evil. Zemo is indignant to the fact that someone would usurp their name. This pride may well hurt the team later on, as he does allow it to take over his actions briefly.

The real Masters of Evil (as T-bolts) come out on top after a fight. They know the ropes better and have the experience to overcome other villains that were never as smart as them.

Also, the end of the issue introduces Jolt, and we'll see how the team functions with a new member that has nothing to do with their plan and may actually become a hero.

Don't miss the relationship between Mach 1 and Songbird either. Seems to be blossoming, but has had a rocky start.

The T-bolt's biggest fight will come from within; they're going to have to choose between the growing goodness and the pervading darkness of their pasts. Everyone has to make life choices for themselves. It's always harder to go back on the values and ideas that we cultivate early on. Sometimes it's necessary. Other times it's disastrous. I'm waiting to see how the Thunderbolts stack up.

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