Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Not to be Taken Lightly

Issues 1-58 plus the included annuals arrived yesterday. Technically a bit earlier, but a stop to comic-con Boston made the extended wait not all that bad. Read issue minus one. It follows the characters that will become the Thunderbolts later on. It was an interesting issue to start with; already I see the characters and their flaws. How can this group make a turn around, even if it is for a guided goal? It will be an interesting read. Life is a collection of things we must do, things we want to do, and things we don't do. Currently I must get Health Insurance thanks to a state law. I want to be at home reading some T-Bolts while sitting next to my very pretty lady. I won't be going back to sleep anytime soon.

This goes on and on until we have a series worth of "things" that would fill a biography of make a detailed, if not interesting, movie. Most people won't get the biography, the movie, or anything at all. They get memories, some of which will fade while others remain solid in remembrance. T-Bolts minus one is a collection of memories that precedes many fictitious happenings. What is my minus one? Is it my birth? Or my uninterestingly-eventful childhood? Or is it all the twenty-one years that I have come to live through to get to this very moment.

At this time I remain uncertain. Maybe it will be a theme to come back to. For the second post, a series of questions will fit just fine for me.

BLOG NEWS: Each post will now be tagged for the issue I've read and what I deem to be the major topic. Also, BLOG NEWS will rarely have any repercussions on older posts; soon enough there will be too many for me to want to make amendments to. This being done early, hopefully the tags will make finding information on recurring themes easier. Good luck.

-Dustin the Dreaming

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  1. Good luck with this - I loved the first run through of the Thunderbolts!