Monday, May 7, 2012

Everyone Loves a Come Back...

So. Been a long time since I looked at this. It never got off the ground, obviously, but I've returned to bring this blog new purpose.

I'd like a place to write down my thoughts and feelings about all things video game, comic book, nerd, movie, etc... related.

This will be that place. I'll hang on to the first few posts -- I'm MUCH farther along in the series and may sometime hark back to writing about the Thunderbolts.

For now, I'll be working on:

New design for the blog (It's hideous!)
Marvel AR App Post
Spider-Man Costume (among other things) Post
Star Wars: The Old Republic Post
And more!

If you read this or anything coming in the future, please share a comment, I'd love to see other ideas that folks have on what I'm writing about.

Thanks for reading and catch you next time (really, really soon, I promise!).


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